I still can not "work" many hours at a time, only one or two but then I can sit in my recliner and knit for a while or work on the computer.  It seems like paper work is never done when you start a business, even when it's something as small as mine! ​

​I hope to be able to inspire others who feel like they just can't go on, or just are not worth anything to anyone, that they are valuable.  There is SOMETHING we all can do.  I firmly believe the Lord put us all here on earth for a reason.  We may not know what that reason is but one day, hopefully, we will all be able to find out what that reason is.  Never, ever give up!!!

Crafty Creations in Salisbury

How I got started

Terri Dryden

I started this little business as a hobby.  I have been on disability and out of work since 2005.  I have encountered numerous surgeries and currently can not work a "regular" job.  I can't stand, sit or walk for any length of time without taking many breaks, and besides that, take many medications just to get through the day.​

​I found myself spending most everyday and night in bed.  I hurt from head to toe, and was so depressed.  My husband had to do everything.  I felt totally useless.  Useless as a wife, mother, grandmother and just plain human being. It literally hurt to breathe.

​My husband asked me one day why I didn't try to work on some of the crafts I used to love to do.  He said I could do a little at a time, I didn't have to work hours at a time!  I thought, why not.  Many things I did, I could stay in my bed and do.  So, I got my knitting out.  I began making my dish cloths.  It wasn't long before I was working on some table arrangements for the fall.  The next thing you know, my husband was cleaning out a room for me to put everything in!  I had that room filled in no time and now have my sewing room, a work room and inventory room.